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Originally established in 1979 within the framework of the Salford Diocesan Trust, the Centre has been formally established as a separate charity in order to preserve the distinctiveness and integrity of its work and to lay the foundations upon which the long-term growth and capacity of the organisation will be built.

Members of the Management Committee have been appointed as the Foundation Trustees form the new charity in which capacity they will continue to oversee the work of the Centre, to ensure it stays true to its mission of engaging, supporting and empowering those experiencing social and economic exclusion.

Individual Membership

All members (Individual and Life Members) are entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and to vote as full members of the charity. Life Members have the same rights. Individual members are representative of organisations (2 per organisation) are entitled to attend Special Membership-only events at least twice each year.

Members can become active supporters, volunteers or co-workers on projects the Centre manages or organizes. Preferential rates are offered to Members in respect of training courses and other services or events the charity may charge for.

Membership provides:

  • A free copy of the Charity Newsletter
  • Regular updates on our key areas of work
  • Preferential rates for courses and events
  • Opportunities to participate in Centre Projects

Organisation Membership

Organisation Members can become project partners working collaboratively on joint projects in our key areas of activity. This is an ideal opportunity for organisations to link and contribute to the local community through the work of the centre.

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