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Life to the Full is a spirituality project that is rooted in the Christian tradition. It is open to people of all and no faith and people of all walks of life.​  It offers the opportunity to explore spiritual and reflective ways of living meaningfully, in a world that presents many challenges.

Who we are

The Project is led by Colette Burke who is trained in retreat giving and spiritual direction in the tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola. She is a visiting spiritual director at St. Beuno’s Ignatian Retreat House in North Wales. ​
Colette’s background is in family law, she is a retired solicitor and continues to practice as a family mediator. In addition, she regularly volunteers with the Missionaries of Charity Brothers (who care for the poorest of the poor) in Manchester and in Peru, where the Brothers have a Home for 26 profoundly disabled, abandoned boys. Colette also volunteers in the juvenile prison in Lima.​ Learn more about Colette's trips to Peru from her previous newsletters. 
This dramatic and exciting change of direction came about as a direct result of Colette’s discovery of Ignatian spirituality, and the tools and exercises it has to offer, whilst on her first retreat for 8 days in November 2005. By March 2006 she had resigned from her law firm. Her journey to life to the full had begun…
Learn more about Colette's journey to Life to the Full here

What we offer

The spirituality project offers a range of opportunities that centre one on one or group confidential meetings offering spiritual direction or guidance.   Although face to face meetings can be arranged, currently most meetings are presently online (Zoom or other platforms) or by telephone. ​
For those seeking one-to-one spiritual guidance meetings usually take place approx. once every 6 weeks lasting around one hour at a time. 

Who the Project is for

Whilst this is a Christian-based project, we welcome people of all faiths and none. It is for those who are seeking to reflect spiritually the whole spectrum on issues of life, from the many challenges of daily life to discovering how to live life in its' fullest sense.​
This is an opportunity for those who are searching spiritually for something 'more'. These meetings provide an opportunity for discovering new and possibly more meaningful ways of finding God in all aspects of daily life. This may include meditation and imaginative contemplation on gospel themes, based on the Ignatian tools or exercises. ​
''These 'exercises' offer a school of prayer and a means of finding that most precious gift, freedom, through recognition of the fact that God loves us, wherever we are and whatever we have done. Such prayer enables us to overcome any preoccupation with self and to give our energies to serve others.''