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This week we will be pleased to welcome 40 delegates from our European Partners who are holding a GEPO Conference in Manchester.  The Centre has provided the arrangements at Chancellors Hotel.

GEPO is the network of organisations serving the World of Work in many of the European countries and are members of EZA, the European Centre for Workers Questions.  EZA is a recognised social partner with the EU and organises a full range of conferences throughout the year on key themes.

The 2018 GEPO Conference will be looking at the European Pillars of Social Rights, especially as it relates to the economy, workers rights, work-life balance and ethical work.  The participants will also visit the Co-operative Movement Headquarters in Manchester to learn about their own working practices and how they are promoting good work in the UK and elsewhere.  We will also hear about the important project they are engaged in to support those who have been trafficked into the UK and how they are looking at their supply chain to ensure ethical working standards.

St Antony’s Centre is the only UK member of EZA.

If you would like further information about the work of EZA, go to www.eza.org/en/

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