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Shaping the Future of Work

A faith-based contribution to the ILO Centenary Initiative

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

27 November 2018, Brussels

The Director of St Antony's Centre representing CSAN has contributed to the Shaping the Future of Work report by the European Economic and Social Affairs Committee of COMECE of the European Bishops Conference.  

The World of Work faces transformative changes.  Several processes and innovations, such as digitalisation, accelerating globalisation, artificial intelligence as well as the need for an ecological transition alter the conditions and our understanding of work and employment. 

In order to respond to these challenges, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has launched a Future of Work Centenary Initiative as one of seven initiatives that mark the ILO's 100th anniversary in 2019.  Churches and their faith-based partners in Europe aim to contribute to this global dialogue bringing in expertise and insights from their movements and organisations as well as their socio-ethical reflections.

The conference Shaping the Future of Work brings together representatives of Churches, religious communities and faith-based organisations in the field in order to give a profound contribution to the ILO initiative.  

In three panel debates, EU representatives, experts and practitioners of Christian, Jewish as well as Muslim faith will discuss the challenges of a changing world of work and assess new opportunities to shape the current transformation for the benefit of all members of society.


08:15-09:00      Registration and Tea/Coffee

09:00-09:15      Welcome

09:15-09:45      Opening

09:45-11:00      First Panel

Participants include:

Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

Mairead McGuinness, First Vice-President of the European Parliament

Archbishop Jean-Claude Hollerich, President of the Commission of the Bishops'Conferences of the EU (COMECE) and Archbishop of Luxembourg

Heinz Koller, Regional Director for Europe and Central Asia of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)

The importance of work from an inter-religious perspective

Bishop Antoine Herouard, President of the COMECE Social Affairs Commission and Auxiliary Bishop of Lille, France

Prof Dr Mouez Khalfaoui, Centre for Islamic Theology Eberhard Karls University Tubingen, Germany

Dean Satu Saarinen, Cathedral of Oulu, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland

Rabbi Avi Tawil, Director of the European Jewish Community Centre (EJCC) Belgium

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), building VMA - Rue van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels (opposite the main

building at Rue Belliard). Please have your passport or ID card with you on the day of the conference.