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Life to the Full Spirituality Project

Life to the Full Spirituality Project

'Life to the Full'

Life to the Full Spirituality Project

Colette and Ricardito

The Spirituality Project gives a very warm welcome to all who are seeking an opportunity for reflection, prayer and peace in the midst of everyday life, whether for a few quiet moments or for longer meetings on a more regular basis.  This is a Catholic founded project but is open to people of all or no faith. 

The spirituality project offers a range of opportunities including: 

~ An 'open door' for all who wish to talk to a spiritual guide

~ Guided prayer - this broadly consists of weekly meetings on a one to one basis.  Each meeting generally lasts for approximately 45 minutes, and is aimed at those seeking to reflect spiritually on a whole spectrum of issues, from the many challenges of daily life to discovering how to live life in its' fullest sense.  This is an opportunity for those who are searching spiritually for something 'more'.

These meetings provide an opportunity for discovering new and possibly more meaningful ways of praying.  This may include meditation and imaginative contemplation on gospel themes, based on the Ignatian tradition.

For more information on the project, please call Colette on 0161 848 9173 or email 

To keep up to date with the project, follow us on Twitter @LifeTTF