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Professional Skills (CPD), Skills to Progress, Customised Training

Event Location - ACT Centres and Work Places

Event Description

Professional Skills (CPD) Supporting people at work

Sector specific professional updating and curriculum support programme including:

Developing & Delivering Functional Skills for Teachers, Trainers and Managers.

Aims to understand the purpose and application of Functional Skills and how to successfully deliver; to provide education at an appropriate level to enable learners to succeed - at the level they need to progress in work, life or further study; to explore the practical and relevant qualifications in English and Mathematics as an addition or alternative to GCSE; to enable learners to solve everyday scenarios - making it engaging and relevant for students and providing context for learning - rather than teaching it in the abstract.

Target Audience Teachers, Trainers, Education Leaders and Managers

Outcomes include-enabling the addition of Functional Skills English & Maths to the school portfolio range and meet the needs of sub-GCSE learners to succeed and be rewarded at the appropriate level; enabling learners to progress to further study or work.

Content Delivery methods with example tasks; Contextualisation-workshop; Schemes and timescales; Initial Assessment to determine target level; Example ad testing; Quality monitoring and recording; IV and awarding body compliance; Accreditation process requirements.

Sessions 1 full day Sessions

Skills to Progress Supporting individual's progress

Skills to enable study progression to FE or HE through a range of progressive qualifications.  As an example, we offer intensive and practical courses in Functions Skills, the GCSE alternative (Level 2 Mathematics).  We have intensive week-long courses to enable the achievement of Level 2 Mathematics.  Our Maths (City & Guilds) course is designed to develop the ability to use mathematics, solve problems, use calculations and interpret mathematics.

Customised Training Programmes

We design training to meet specific personal & professional needs.  Examples include:

Information Technology: Spreadsheets, Databases, DTP, Presentations, Email, Internet

Teaching & Learning: Teaching, Learning, Planning, Monitoring, Safeguarding, QA

Marketing: Communications, Publishing, Design, Corporate image Developments

English: Developing specific communications skills (Letter, Reports, Journals etc.)

Mathematics: Developing skills and their application to specific tasks and sectors (eg. maths for consturction, for science, for community)

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