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ITQ - Information Technology Qualification

Event Location - At your place of work or at one of our learning centres.

Event Description

Whether for work or leisure, our ITQ courses let you choose which units you want to learn and will make you confident in using a range of information and communication technology and software. 

There are a number of modules to chose from including Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Desktop Publishing, Database and Presentation Software.

The ITQ courses are made up of a number of Areas of Competence (Units) which describe the standards that a competent person should be able to perform.  These AOCs are broken down into Knowledge Components and Skills and Techniques Components which show what needs to be done to achieve each unit.  

The ITQ qualification lets you choose which units you want to learn and will help you identify and use different ways of working to improve your skills.  

Level 1 is a national certificate equivalent to GCSE O Level grades D-G.

Level 2 is a national certificate equivalent to GCSE O Level grades A-C.

Level 3 is a national certificate equivalent to A level.

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