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Plater News

Kevin Flanagan with Ben Bano at the dementia workshop

Plater News

Tapas evening

The Plater project has had some great successes since it was launched in 2011 and has created many sustainable projects that will continue to help support parishioners and the community well into the future.

The Dementia Awareness Workshop, in July last year, was attended by fifty parishioners and was hosted by St Mary's in Oswaldtwistle. The workshop was led by Ben Bano and enabled parishioners and carers to have a better understanding of dementia and how they can support friends and family who have this condition. Ideas from this workshop were taken up by the Friendship Group and they now have regular meetings that encourage shared activity and provide a place to meet for people from across the area. The Friendship Group meetings have proven to be very popular with parishioners and their families.

Another Plater success, the Spanish Conversation class, is held on Wednesday evenings at St Joseph's, Accrington and is free of charge. Recently, the students showed their appreciation to tutor, Vickie Bradshaw and assistant, Gary Taylor at a tapas evening where they celebrated 18 weeks of classes.

The Plater Project also saw the first inter-parish pilgrimage where parishioners went to Holywell. This was born out of the clergy retreat to Llandudno, which took place in March. The project has trained a group of parishioners to run a Shared Reading group which has led to weekly reading groups of 8 - 10 people.

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