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About Us

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The Centre for Church and Industry was established in 1979.  The first office opened in St Antony's Presbytery marking the start of a thirty year partnership between the founder of the Centre, Kevin Flanagan and Fr. Joe Carter, the Parish Priest of St Antony's R.C. Church, Trafford Park.  The first year saw work with the YCW and with young workers, Trade Unionists and with Trusts.

In 1982, the Centre moved to the then recently closed St Antony's Junior School following the decision to re-develop the former "Village" area within Trafford Park.  The Centre went from strength to strength and launched its first government funded training programme the following year.  Throughout the Eighties the Centre campaigned for investment and employment on the industrial estate, leading to the Trafford Park Investment Strategy.  This in turn led to the creation of the Trafford Park Development Corporation.  The Centre played a critical role in bringing together community, employee/trade union organisations, employers and planners to campaign for the area.

In 1993, the former School building closed as part of the Village regeneration scheme.  The Centre moved temporarily to the former Barclays Bank on Third Avenue, Trafford Park during the rebuilding of the former School.  The Centre re-opened in January 1994 as a purpose-built facility, consisting of a conference room, meeting rooms, training room, library, office accommodation and a new reception and exhibition area which features the Trafford Park Heritage Centre.  The funding for the re-development project was supplied by the Trafford Park Development Corporation and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford, establishing the first Centre for Church and Industry in the country.


~ To promote better understanding and knowledge of Christian Social Thinking, especially in relation to industrial and economic issues

Registered Charity No: 1164837

It seeks to work with a wide range of community groups, organisations, churches and individuals to develop common objectives and to benefit the wider community through specific projects.

The Centre is a member of the Salford Diocesan Department for Social Responsibility and works closely with the Greater Manchester Industrial Mission Trust, acting as its administrative base.

~ To establish a Centre offering training, advice and support to those seeking to apply this thinking to their own spheres of influence

~ To develop community based projects in response to social, economic, industrial and ecumenical issues and concerns

~ To promote, through study circles, publications and seminars, the application of Christian Social Thinking and development of Adult Lay Apostolate

~ To encourage Church-based organisations and people to understand and act upon the changing nature of industrial society and the challenges such changes present to the Church and community.